Careers Education, Information,

Advice and Guidance

At St Matthias students receive careers education, support and guidance through a series of PSHE lessons, extra curricular activities and one to one personal advice, with a specific focus on the transitions years of 8 and 11. Students have access to the school’s independent Careers Advisor and staff who can help guide them in making informed choices about their future pathways and career aspirations.

In KS3 learning includes:

  • An introduction to careers

  • Careers enterprise and skills

  • Raising aspirations through challenging stereotypes and misconceptions about careers

  • Looking at personal aspiration

  • Identifying learning strengths and setting goals as part of the GCSE options process

  • Making the right GCSE option choices

​KS4 learning includes:

  • Employability and interpersonal skills

  • Goals and targeting setting

  • Enterprise Project

  • Enterprising entrepreneurs

  • Applying and preparing for the world of work

  • Skills for employment

  • Applying to college or sixth form

St Matthias students have the opportunity to attend careers exhibitions, university days, college taster sessions and work experience days with local employers such as the NHS and Jaguar Land Rover. In school they are able to take part in initiatives with external providers such as the Wolverhampton Education Business Partnership, Inspiring Futures, Medical Mavericks and Head Start in an effort to inspire and encourage students to recognise and achieve their full potential throughout their time in school.

Careers Team


Rebecca Neath – Careers Leader - Information, Advice and Guidance

Marie Crofts – Independent Careers Advisor

Emma Phillips – Head of PSHE


The school welcomes feedback from parents, students, teachers and employers on both the careers information given via this website and its careers programme. Please direct feedback / enquiries to the Careers Leader on


St Matthias recognises that Apprenticeships and Traineeships are a popular pathway for our students when they come to consider their post 16 options in year 11.


In order to support this we participate in a National Apprenticeships Service funded programme - ASK.


ASK enables us, as a school to make sure students have access to up to date information on apprenticeships and to offer the level of personal support needed throughout the application process if students choose either of these pathways as an option.


All students participate in a general ASK apprenticeship presentation as a part of their careers programme in Year 10, which is then followed on with more information in smaller CEIAG sessions during PSHE.


Individual support is available for those students wishing to apply for apprenticeships through the careers team and independent careers advisor.


If your child is considering an apprenticeship the following links may be useful:

Employer/Parental Support

St Matthias is always looking for new and different opportunities to offer in our careers programme to further enrich the learning of our students.


If as an employer or parent / carer you would like to help us inspire and motivate our students around the world of work by sharing your professional or business experience please email

Labour Market​


Labour Market Information can give Students, Parents and Carers a useful insight into what businesses and employers are functioning in both their local and regional areas, highlighting the job opportunities which exist.


Up to date information for Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas can be found at:

Regional Information can be found at:

Useful Websites​

Independent and impartial careers information

Government website offering impartial advice on all aspects of careers

Careers website offering advice and guidance to students who are making key choices at 14, 16 and 18. Exploring different qualifications and job sectors.

Workbox is a resource offering information on looking for learning, training or work in the Wolverhampton area.

Government website offering a range of information on apprenticeships, including local vacancies

First Careers offers guidance to primary and secondary school students in making decisions about future careers and professions.