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Behaviour Statement

At St Matthias School we aim to support all our students to reach the highest possible academic achievement. This means helping them to grow as emotionally, physically and socially healthy young people. Whilst at St Matthias students will grow to understand themselves, their skills, emotions and place in their family and community. We believe that students’ behaviour communicates needs, concerns and their emerging personality. Understanding our students’ needs and being ready to ‘listen to their behaviour’ is an important part of our work.


The way we organise our school to support safe and positive student behaviour is purposely complex, with many layers. Each layer is another opportunity to address and then change behaviours for the better. Our intention is to be ready and able to offer effective support to all young people. We will continue to develop our provision and respond to the changing needs of our community.


Our policy could be summed up as follows:

  1. To care

  2. To listen and observe

  3. To direct positively

  4. To secure positive behaviour


Our policy avoids simply prescribing punishments for poor behaviour. We are a school so we will focus on learning. Securing good behaviour is important because anything else can be a barrier to an individual or others' good learning.

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