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Reading at St Matthias

At St. Matthias we believe in the importance of reading and how it can improve learning and understanding. We know from research that children who read widely and more often do better at school and in exams.
Your child has chosen a book from our Reading Room to read at school. Every week, your child reads their book as part of their English lessons and during their form time. Once your child has completed a book, they take an online quiz using the Accelerated Reader Programme. This quiz tests their understanding of the book they have read. Accelerated Reader also allows us to track and monitor the progress of your child’s reading which enables us to plan for any additional support with reading that your child may need.  Once your child has read a book they choose another book to read and complete a quiz - the more books read, the more knowledge and vocabulary is learnt.
To help develop a reading culture, rewards and incentives are given for reading - for example we reward students who are reading at break times and lunch times around school or in the reading room. We are rewarding the students who are reading regularly. 
The big challenge is to get everyone reading at home. To help this your child will bring their book home and be expected to read at home for between 10 - 20 minutes each day (although if they want to read more they can).  We need your support to develop regular reading habits at home by encouraging your child to read and talking to them about what they are reading.
Your child has been provided with a reading log which is used to record the frequency of their reading - there is a column for your signature - please sign this to record your child’s reading. It is important that your child brings their book into school each day. Reading books are now part of school equipment. 
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me at the school. If reading at home is a struggle I may be able to help. 
Mr J Paterson
Assistant Head Teacher

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