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Literacy Across The Curriculum

At St Matthias, we understand that strong literacy is crucial for academic and personal success. Our intention is that all students leave St Matthias secure in their literacy, able to comprehend academic texts, write maturely, cohesively, and accurately; and speak confidently and articulately. Our intention is to ensure that the development of reading skills will be given a high priority in every subject.

Secondary reading has three dimensions (Ofsted).

  1. Reading independently and for pleasure

  2. Reading in subjects

  3. Support for struggling readers.

  1. Reading independently and for pleasure


We use the Accelerated Reader Programme to develop reading independently and for pleasure. All students in KS3 have a reading book. Students read for 10 minutes at the beginning of every English lesson and are expected to read for 10 minutes (or more) at home. This commitment to reading is communicated to students, parents/carers. Students choose books at the right level to help them make progress. Star Reading Tests are taken to monitor reading progress.  We provide regular testing and monitoring of reading so that we can provide support and intervention where necessary.

Engagement with reading is monitored by Accelerated Reader teachers once every four weeks through 1-1 conversations about reading.  Rewards and recognition for reading is part of our provision.


  2. Reading in subjects


Whole class teaching of Academic Reading across the curriculum using pre/during/after reading strategies to improve comprehension. Staff receive CPD to develop their pedagogy for teaching reading. St Matthias teachers understand the reading strengths and weaknesses of students and have a clear understanding of what to do with this knowledge.


  3. Support for struggling readers


Accelerated Reader Star Tests are used to identify students who need support with their reading. Teachers have received whole school CPD on how they can support struggling readers in their classes.


Vocabulary and Oracy are also developed across the curriculum.


Staff have received whole school CPD on effective vocabulary teaching which has equipped our staff with a range of strategies to effectively teach vocabulary.


Oracy is embedded through showing respect through careful listening and thoughtful responses to others’ ideas; and displaying knowledge by speaking like a subject expert.

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