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Rewards and Incentives

Our intention at St Matthias is to:


• Recognise the value of students’ achievements, progress, effort, service and leadership within the             school.

• Give positive encouragement to pupils to succeed and to contribute.

• Enhance pupil/staff relationships within the school.

• Improve a pupil’s sense of self confidence and worth.


We have set out to encourage a sense of belonging, community and responsibility as part of our work to raise expectations of behaviour to lead to better student progress.  Our school has developed a range of events and activities which encourage that sense of belonging, and we care about embedding intrinsic motivation in all of our students as we actively promote the values of ‘A St Matthias Student’ as ready to learn, resilient and reflective.  In addition, there are incentives and rewards in as many areas of school life as possible (so they are accessible for all students) that form a continuous process throughout the school year. 


Rewards and incentives are one of the fundamental ways we demonstrate that we care.  Rewards fit into four categories and are outlined below:


Everyday Rewards:

  • Commendations – these are awarded on class charts as achievement points allowing for instant communication with home. Commendations can be spent in student services on stationary /school items  

  • Department rewards – positive phone calls, verbal praise, certificates and prizes


Every Assembly Rewards:

  • Year Leader Gold Silver Bronze Awards

  • SLT Awards


Termly Celebration Awards:

  • End of Term Awards in assemblies including termly 100% attendance rewards

  • Commendation Leader board Awards for the form groups and year group with the most commendations

  • Whole School Rewards and Single Events including trips organised by staff for pupils who have made significant progress in skills, attitude and behaviour

  • Rewards Parties for students identified by Year Leaders as making the best progress and for those responding most positively to intervention


Summer Term Fun Day:

  • End of year rewards and enrichment activities for students who have hit rewards criteria

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