Online Learning

Online Learning

How do I get on to Foldr?


To access our online learning materials, first go to then enter your school username and password. Once you are logged in, click on Classroom Teachers, then ONLNE LEARNING.  

The direct link is



I don’t know my username


All student logins follow the same format of first initial, surname and then a number that shows the year the student joined the school.


For example, if Ann Smith was in year 9 she would have joined the school in 2017 so her username would be ASmith17. If she was in year 11 she would have joined in 2015, so it would be ASmith15.

I don’t know my password


Unless you have manually changed it yourself, the password for all student accounts is Passw0rd 

It is important to make sure the ‘P’ is uppercase and the ‘0’ is the number 0, not the letter O.


If it’s your first time logging on to Foldr, you might be asked to change the password to something else to make your account more secure. The new password you choose must have a capital letter and number in it to be accepted.



I can’t remember my password


If you can’t remember your password then please email Mr Woodall at and he will reset it.

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