Online Learning

Online Learning

How do I get on to Foldr?


To access our online learning materials, first go to then enter your school username and password. Once you are logged in, click on Classroom Teachers, then ONLNE LEARNING.  

The direct link is

I don’t know my username


All student logins follow the same format of first initial, surname and then a number that shows the year the student joined the school.


For example, if Ann Smith was in year 9 she would have joined the school in 2017 so her username would be ASmith17. If she was in year 11 she would have joined in 2015, so it would be ASmith15.

I don’t know my password


Unless you have manually changed it yourself, the password for all student accounts is Passw0rd 

It is important to make sure the ‘P’ is uppercase and the ‘0’ is the number 0, not the letter O.


If it’s your first time logging on to Foldr, you might be asked to change the password to something else to make your account more secure. The new password you choose must have a capital letter and number in it to be accepted.

I can’t remember my password


If you can’t remember your password then please email Mr Woodall at and he will reset it.

Dear parents. 


All being well children will return to school as normal in just over 6 weeks. 


There is so much information and speculation regarding the virus and how best to keep us all safe.  My head struggles to process it all. 


From our St Matthias perspective we have been open throughout and have not had any cases of ill health from students or staff.  We can assume that  some students and staff have had it but with no or mild symptoms.  It is of course an assumption. 


I am determined that we do two things well. 


  1. Keep everyone safe by planning carefully and acting swiftly as things change. 

  2. Improve learning from home - it’s possible that we could lockdown again.  If so we should be ready! 


We are planning now for September. We will be offering all lessons but will need to stage-manage breaktimes, lunches and the movement between lessons.  More to follow on all this. 


The Summer holiday 2020 is of course going to be unusual too.  Schools are being encouraged to shut. We have talked about this and decided that we would like to use the Summer holiday to do a few things. 


  1. Carry on offering the same sessions to year 10 students.  Where staff are unavailable other teachers will cover.  We think year 10 going into 11 are our top priority.  Exams are around the corner. 

  2. We would like to arrange meetings with all our students. These will be by appointment and will likely be with a form tutor.  We want to catch up and find out how the work is going. It will also help everyone feel better about going into a full school in September. You will be contacted about appointments shortly. 

  3. Lots of members of staff want to do some fun learning, games and sporting activities.  These will be something your child can sign up for. 

  4. Optional project work will be available on Foldr in all subjects. I recommend it to your children. 


I hope this communication finds you and your family well. 


We are going to need your help in making school work in September.  It will be different and require that we are all more organised and prepared than ever before. 


Dean Coombes. 

Optional August Project

There is optional August project work for all subjects on Foldr. Log in to Foldr and access each subject area. The work is labelled ‘Optional August project work’ and it is either in a separate folder in the subject area or it is in the year group folder, eg if you are year 7, open the year 7 geography folder and the August folder is there. If your child has been receiving paper work packs and you would like this optional work then please contact reception and one will be collated ready for you to collect.

Learner of the Week

Each week we will be awarding a Learner of the Week for two students from each subject.  Our teachers will be nominating the students who are working hard to complete the online and paper learning tasks that their teachers have set. 


Names will appear on our website and on our Twitter account every Monday. So have a look there to see if you are a Learner of the Week.


PE have developed a website with a view to get our students active each day. The website includes daily challenges and a competitive element for each year group.


Your maths teachers will now be setting all students weekly tasks to be completed on either GCSE POD, Hegarty Maths or Mathwatch. Please regularly check the maths section of the online learning section of Foldr to find out what your groups' tasks are each week. Please contact your maths teachers if you need any help.


Years 9 and 10 - Mr Rees has posted GCSE Pod Geography assignments for students to complete -  the information is on Foldr. Please email him or your class teachers with any questions about the work

Years 9 and 10 - Want to know more about how to support your child with GCSEPod during the school closures?


Click the link below, scroll down to find the relevant podcasts for parents/carers and sign up to your free webinar. Each webinar lasts approximately 30 minutes.

If you’re struggling to support your child (Years 9-11)  with GCSEPod, take a look at this Parent/ Carer guide. It has information about how to activate accounts and tips to help. ​

If there are any issues with usernames or passwords, please email either or We will be happy to help! 

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