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Aspire to HE Year 9 Campus Experience Day

Today our Year 9 students visited Wolverhampton University for an interactive whole day session in which they explored Higher Education. Students had the opportunity to see how a Higher Education setting is different to a school environment. Students took part in a “Who Done It?” Challenge, which gave them an understanding of the different types of learning available at University and the range of courses on offer, whilst developing their key skills. This involved looking for clues to a theft around the University campus and eliminating suspects using several techniques. Students completed activities including fingerprint analysis, soil sampling, handwriting analysis, phone record analysis and clothing analysis.

By the end of the day students had discovered a range of courses that are studied at University and not at school, and left identifying key skills gained throughout the activities. The students had a fantastic experience and it has certainly opened their eyes to what opportunities University can offer.

Student comments:

“I came on the trip because it is interesting to see how University is different to a high school. I hope to go to university when I leave school to study law” Loveleen

“School is different to University because there are more subjects to choose and the timetables are more flexible. I think that long lectures would be challenging and would need a lot of attention and motivation” Tayasia

“I came on the trip to see what things I can study for my future goal. I want to be a social worker” Kiera

“Today has given me a greater understanding of Higher Education and it has shown me that university is the right path for me” Georgia

“Today I was surprised by how big everything was and how many different campuses there are. The library had 4 floors!” Damarion

“It has completely changed my mind about going to University because the things you can do are very hands on. I liked solving the mystery” Josh


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