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Youth MP Declaration Event

The 8th March was the Wolverhampton Declaration Event for Youth MPs. If you are a regular visitor to our website you will know that we had a school candidate and that we also ran a democracy day to introduce all students to the do’s and don’t of voting procedures. Unfortunately our school candidate, Will, didn’t get elected into office on this occasion. He lost out to Lshae Green who campaigned about wanting to solve problems, and Gregory McDonald who campaigned on improving the environment.

Despite his defeat, Will had a fantastic time at the Declaration Event and has since been approached about getting involved with both the Wolverhampton Youth Council and the Youth Engagement Strategy forum. This will provide lots of great opportunities for him to get involved in local politics and make a difference in the future.

We would also like to congratulate Wiktoria, who currently serves on the Youth Engagement Strategy Board, who was asked to give an address at the event. She did a fantastic job!


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