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Youth Council Activity

This week Chelsea and Filip, our Youth Council representatives, lead assemblies on the theme of democracy. As members of the Wolverhampton youth council they have been wonderful ambassadors for our school through their involvement in a wide range of meetings with Councillors and representatives of local and national organisations. They have enjoyed making their voices heard on a regional platform and were pleased to be able to lead a youth voting opportunity for students across the school. Thanks to their inspiring assemblies, students across the school participated in the ‘Make Your Mark’ vote by discussing the issues and completing ballot papers during form time. These will be sent directly to the Wolverhampton Youth Council for counting. The final results will go on to influence the objectives of the Youth Council for the coming year.

Students in year 10 were asked to reflect on the make your mark vote, here are some of their comments: “It is important to vote because our opinions matter” “We need to be heard, our views are important” “I voted for ending knife crime because it seemed like the most important issue on the ballot” “Mental health is important because we need to make sure that vulnerable people are ok and safe”


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