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Year 7/8 Basketball Team Progress Into Regional Final

Our year 7/8 group went to represent us against Charlton School (Telford) at Wolverhampton Uni. The group dominated from start to finish winning 45-27. Great pressing, man to man defence and creativity around the key. It was a pleasure to watch! Everyone contributed which was fantastic to see. Superb debut for Adian who dominated the rebounds in both attack and defence.

Jeldi came on the second quarter and scored 4 quick baskets. Hargurleen contributed to impress even being commented on by ex-professional Birmingham Bullets basketball player Clive Allen who nominated him player of the match!

Evanas, Marley, Max and Satnam provided great support player in both defence and attack - all their hard work practicing after school is really paying off! Scoring baskets themselves.

Jaydn T and Kai J provided some great man marking when they came on and were a real force to block and steal the ball.

And finally, Mbest provided his usual antics dominating in defence winning rebounds, steals and interceptions. Giving great outlet passes and hook passes from either side of the court.

They have done us proud again. Well done team!!


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