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Year 10 Aspire to Higher Education visit

Today, students in Year 10 visited the University of Wolverhampton to take part in a campus experience day exploring life inside and outside the lecture theatre. They learnt about the social and extracurricular opportunities available at University as well as having the chance to start thinking about their own personal skill sets. Each activity linked with Higher education and got students to start thinking about their next steps.

Students began the day by designing their own student society. We had societies such as The Clubbing Society, the TV Show Society, The Baking Society, The Murder Mystery Society, The All Known Curry Society and The Alcohol and Cuisines Society. Students were given a budget and a floor plan for their own Student Union and were tasked with creating an amazing student hub for their University. This activity was quite competitive with teams pitching to achieve the top spot and win the prize. Along side this, the students had a tour of the University which included a visit to a lecture theatre.

The students had a great experience. This is what they had to say:

‘The day has been fun, I enjoyed creating a society.’ Summer

‘I have learnt about the social side of university and that you can make up your own group. I also enjoyed the food!’ Jamal

‘We set up The Baking Society and when planning our student union we put in a prayer room because we are respectful of all of the different students that we want to come.’ Charlie and Michaela

‘I have learnt that University isn’t quite so intimidating after all. I am not always the most sociable person but today I felt quite relaxed. The staff were really kind and helpful.’ Jacob

‘Today was a good day. I learnt that you can make your own society which was interesting.’ Isabel

‘I enjoyed working in a team. I also enjoyed playing the piano!’ Steven

‘I had a fabulous time because we got to work together in a team and learnt the academic and social values of University and how to spend money wisely to be financially aware.’ Kyra, Mikaela and Megan


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