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Wolverhampton University Creativity Week

Year 10 Graphic Design students take part in Wolverhampton University Creativity Week

Year 10 Graphics students have spent the afternoon at Wolverhampton University, as a part of Creativity Week. They have participated in a session with Graphic Designer Shaun Loynds, hearing about his career in advertising and seeing some of the brands he has helped promote through various types of media, including TV advertising. His aspirational talk encouraged students to always give their best and to never settle for anything less than what they want in life, as all is achievable. Students then went on to create their own logo using their initials to be put on their future business cards.

Student comments:

"I have taken confidence from today, the idea of if you want something you should reach for it."

"You should always try, even if you don’t succeed"

"Your GCSE’s don’t define you"


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