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School News

The Unbreakables Programme

Neeko Chambers of In Power Academy has been coming to St Matthias to work with a group of female students on a programme called The Unbreakables. The Unbreakables is designed to help young people understand and build resilience through mixed martial arts.

Unbreakables sessions start with a journal that focuses students on the mindset and values that the programme is trying to instil. Students then take part in a practical session which includes learning new techniques in martial arts such as kick boxing and boxing.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed their time in the programme. This is what they had to say about it:

‘This has been an interesting programme. It has been really helpful to build my self esteem,’ - Nicole

‘I have learnt confidence and courage through the programme,’ - Zeena

‘It has been incredible to be part of the programme because I can use my new skills to keep me safe,’ - Lienne

‘I have enjoyed lots of new things and learnt how to let go of the past,’ - Courage


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