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The National Citizenship Service visit Y11 students

The National Citizenship Service (NCS) are all about opportunity. They were founded in 2009 to help young people achieve their potential and build bridges between communities. Over 600,000 young people have taken part in their programme. This week Zoe, Kia and Sophie from NCS came to St Matthias to share the opportunities available for Y11 students this summer.

After some fun ice-breaker activities (involving plastic cups and balloons!) students were told about a 2 week programme which is available for them to participate in. The icebreakers gave the students a taste of what to expect on the NCS programme. Week one involves students coming together as a team and learning new life skills, whilst staying away from home for four nights and five days at an outdoor pursuits centre. The second week is when students carry out a social action project that they have designed specifically for their community. Students are supported during this week to make a difference in a cause that matters for them.

There are so much enthusiasm in the room and many students were keen to learn more about the project as they hope to make their mark as citizens of the UK. St Matthias Students aspire for the best and many students were particularly interested in the additional opportunities for work experience and CV building that the NCS programme supports.

Some students have already secured their spot with NCS, we look forward to hearing all about their adventures in the future!

Student comments:

“The visitors promoted NCS well and made me really want to go on the programme” Javarni

“It is an intriguing opportunity. I’m definitely thinking about going” Courtney

“NCS can help with my University application and will help prepare me for work” Katie

“I think NCS will impact my social life in a positive way. I’m looking forward to going” Cobie


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