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School News

Stop and Search Workshop – November 2020

This week in school students in all year groups have taken part in stop and search workshops. The workshops were an informative way of helping students to understand the process of stop and search, including both their rights and their responsibilities in this communication with the police. Information was shared with students about the reasonable grounds for a stop and search to take place. Students went on to ask some great questions regarding the process of stop and search. As a part of the presentation an image of the knife angel was shared with students as a visual representation of the amount of knives that have been taken off our streets, this helped students to understand the importance of the stop and search process. The workshop also involved some role play to help students to think about the most effective way to communicate and cooperate with the police.

‘The workshop was educational and helpful for the future,’ Eesha

‘This was fun and informative, we need more things like this,’ Marshall

‘This helped us to understand more about our rights if we would ever find ourselves in this situation,’ Thomas

‘This gave me information for if the circumstances did occur,’ Dylan


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