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St Matthias Spiritual Space

This week as a part of their RE lessons students have been able to experience a spiritual space. The spiritual space has provided a creative way for students to learn about prayer in a range of different faiths in a practical way and, on a personal note, to reflect upon their own identity and relationships with others as well as issues of injustice around the world.

Our spiritual space was themed around the beatitudes and students took part in activities that helped them to reflect on wisdom, humility, compassion, forgiveness, hope, justice and joy. Many thanks to Gayle Greenway, the curate from St Matthew’s Church, for organising the resources and for supporting the running of the space.

Our students reflected on their experience of using the space:

‘I have enjoyed learning about other people’s religions and what they do to pray to their God’ - Chania

‘I have enjoyed the different activities that helped to deepen my knowledge of other religions’ - Katie-Mae

‘This has been fun because of all of the activities’ - Pradeep

‘I liked learning about other faiths’ - William

‘The compassion table helped me to think of others before myself’ - Ayyoub


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