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Sandwell College 10.06.23

Y11 visit to Sandwell college

Yesterday Students from St Matthias visited Sandwell College for an immersive experience. The students experienced an action packed day of events and left feeling enthused and inspired about their future pathways.

Students listened to a talk from the emergency services course and learnt about what to expect on such a course. They then had a team building challenge to build a chair out of balloons that carried the weight of one member of the team. They then analysed their team working skills and discussed how these skills apply to working in the police or armed forces for example.

The students then went on to experience the car mechanics course. They learnt about electronics and switchboards, electric vehicles and voltages, vehicle body alignment and paint refinishing.

Students experienced a business course. Students learnt about the course links to marketing, HR and management. They learnt about how a business qualification can open doors into a wide range of industries.

There was a fantastic travel, aviation and hospitality experience which involved students experiencing a simulated plane. Students were fascinated to learn what is involved in the courses, the course uniform, the opportunities to learn the functions inside a plane cabin and further experiences in baggage check in.

In the photography workshop students completed a dark room activity and a studio activity. In the studio the students did some portraits of each other. They got to experience lighting and lens focus as well as taking turns as models! In the dark room students took photographs and developed them, which they got to take home.

Students comments:

“I enjoyed experiencing the whole day. I didn’t want to go to college before this visit but now I want to. My favourite workshop was the uniformed services.” Mekenzie

“Today I have liked everything! Travel and tourism was excellent and informative. I have learnt I have a talent in photography.” Bailey

“In my opinion the balloon activity in the uniformed services workshop was the best. It took me back to my childhood and I worked well in a team.” Corey


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