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RSC Theatre Review

On Wednesday night, St Matthias students got into the festive spirit as they travelled to Stratford Upon Avon for the RSC’s production of A Christmas Carol. A selection of Year 10 and Year 11 students were taken on a journey through Victorian London as they witnessed Scrooge’s transformation from solitary old miser to redeemed merry maker. With stunning performances from Adrian Edmondson and Sunetra Sarker, characters and plot were effortlessly brought to life and our students were enthralled. They were not only reminded of the true value of generosity and kindness, but the importance of social responsibility in their everyday lives. The production not only stayed true to Dicken’s words, but cleverly intertwined real-life ‘Cratchit’ family stories which still ring true today. A powerful story with an inspirational message.

Student comments:

Rene (Year 10)

I felt it was more educational to see it as well as read it. I could take it all in because I could visualise the characters and remember what they said. I know that watching the play will help me to remember the quotes when I study the novel next year. I would recommend watching the production because I learnt a lot more by seeing it in action.

Yusuf (Year 10)

It was professional, with fantastic acting. For me, it was a good experience because it gave me a vision of the story ready for Year 11.I really enjoyed the jump-scare element when Jacob Marley visited Scrooge. When he came out of the bed, it was totally unexpected. I definitely recommend it for any Year 11 studying it and it was so entertaining.

Roya (Year 11)

The performance was amazing. I enjoyed the dancing and singing. I wasn’t expecting such high quality. I think it is enjoyable for young adults because it had both a story and scary parts – after all, A Christmas Carol is also a ghost story.

Asma (Year 11)

It was a really cool experience! The audience were made to feel part of the play, especially when they all engaged with the singing and dancing. I thought it was very memorable and recommend it to students doing their GCSE.


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