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Meet our KS3 Student Ambassadors

At St Matthias we work to help our students develop knowledge and understanding, a positive attitude to themselves and others and the skills to help them enjoy a successful life.

In school we have been busy recruiting a team of KS3 student ambassadors to demonstrate these values and act as positive role models across the school, demonstrating the very best leadership and commitment to their peers. KS3 students were invited to complete a formal application form and these were then cross referenced against their behaviour points and conduct around school. Our chosen team of ambassadors truly represent St. Matthias students at their best!

Our student ambassadors will now be encouraged to demonstrate their leadership and communication skills, and inspire other students to take a more active role in representing our school. They will set the tone of their role choosing activities which they want to lead and participate in. In addition to planning and promoting quizzes and themed days, for example Christmas, our student ambassadors will take part in outreach activities, for example environmental cleanups and student voice.

Well done to all who applied and to the final 8 students from each year group who were eventually chosen.

Wise words from our newly appointed ambassadors:

Year 7 team:

‘I want to lead my year 7 group into something incredible and amazing’


‘Working in teams helps you to accomplish a lot more things’

Jamie Leigh

‘You need to have passions and be helpful’


‘We need to remember that if we fall we fall as a team and that we are here for each other’


‘I want to be a good role model for deaf students to show that deaf students can be part of it’


‘You will be talking to a lot of people as an ambassador and you need to be confident’


‘Always be honest, believe in yourself and try your hardest’


‘I’ve always had a dream of helping people create a better place and inspiring them to do good things’


Year 8 team:

‘Teamwork is a place where everyone things of ideas together’


‘I want everyone to be great full and to help students’


‘Perseverance, confidence and being a good role model are the skills and qualities needed’


‘I want to have the chance to collaborate and make the school better’


‘You need good listening skills, good communication and to always be ready and on time’


‘Teamwork means to help others when they are struggling, to work as a team and to treat others with love, kindness and respect’


‘To be able to work with the people around you no matter how smart or popular you are’


‘I am enthusiastic about being a student ambassador and I’m good at communicating with people’



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