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Keith Bradshaw Healthcare Programme

The Keith Bradshaw Healthcare Programme is a programme delivered by Aston University. It is designed to get students thinking about higher education and in particular healthcare and science university pathways. It also explains the importance of achieving the right GCSE grades in order to pursue them.

Adora, a student from Aston University, came into school to speak to students in year 8 about what university is, what types of courses are available to students. She is currently studying psychology and sociology at Aston and was able to share her experiences with the students. The students who took part in the programme today will now be invited to Aston University later in the term to take part in a science related activity as well as experiencing a University tour.

Student comments

“It has been interesting to learn about the different jobs you can do, psychology and sociology as well as health care jobs” Miranda

“I have learnt about the different careers I can have” Krish

“I have learnt about some of the different courses that I could take at University” Kanush


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