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Interactive TV Event

Hi, We’re used to running world class residential work experience events for students interested in healthcare careers but whilst we all wait patiently for life as we know it to return to normal we’ve decided to offer students the chance to take part in an exciting interactive TV event - perfect for all students with a passion for medicine, biology and the human body of any age. All students need to do is join us between May 25th and May 29th 2020 for a series of interactive specials about medicine and the human body. It would be great if you could let your students know about these live events that they can take part in from the comfort of their homes - all you need to do is direct them here to find out more and enrol on the course: https://www.premedprojects.co.uk/anatomy-lab-live-online-event-may-20th-25th-2020 Many thanks and stay safe

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