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Homeletics Championship Results

The results for the Homeletics Championship are as follows:

Form Results

Year 7

1st 7JTU

2nd 7RPA

3rd 7MAU

Year 8

1st 8DTH

2nd 8MTO

3rd 8FAD

Year 9

1st 9RKA

2nd 9ABI

3rd 9ICR

Year 10

1st 10BEL

2nd 10JRO

3rd 10BBE

Year 11

1st 11ESM

Individual Awards

Year 7

Tarnvir Singh 7RPA

Harry Jones 7JTU

Year 8

Ayyoub El-Fiky 8DTH

Year 9

Chelsea Bruce 9RKA

Year 10

Kiera Jassi 10BEL

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