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School News

Firefighter Visit

This week our students have been visited by a member of the West Midlands Fire Department who came to speak with students in year 8 about the dangers of arson and with students in year 10 about the importance of in car safety. Both sessions included some hard hitting videos and images which were designed to show students the reality of each issue. Students in year 8 learnt that playing with fire can have serious consequences for all involved. Students in year 10 learnt about the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt and also learnt about the importance of not texting whilst driving. The students listened intently and the sessions had a great impact.

‘I thought the talk was good because we learnt about how quick a fire can spread the damage’ Nicola

‘I thought it was interesting how quickly such a tiny fire can damage someone and a tiny puff of smoke can kill you’ Peter

‘I learnt a lot about the danger of smoke. I though it was the fire that killed you but it is actually the smoke. I also learnt never stay in one place, always look for the exit’ Corey


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