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Easter Rewards sessions

At St Matthias School we believe in rewarding effort, recognising achievement and encouraging pupils to aspire to be the very best that they can be. Pupils are rewarded in school via commendations, which are issued by teachers for the following positive behaviours demonstrated in school:

  • Making good progress in their school work, alongside high levels of participation and enthusiasm in lessons

  • Showing resilience in their attitude to learning through consistent hard work, perseverance and positive engagement in lessons

  • Upholding our school ethos through acts of kindness towards others and being fantastic role models

We ended this term with some reward sessions to congratulate students who have gone above and beyond this term. So many of our students have been role models to other students, achieved zero behaviour points and have 100% attendance that time was set aside by their Year Leaders to both personally thank these students for their efforts and also to reward them with an Easter treat of luxury hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

Well done to all those students who have been the very best examples of A St Matthias Student for other students to aspire to!

Student comments:

“It was really good to be invited. It was so tasty!” Bennylee

“My mum and dad were really proud of me!” Aisha

“I am so glad that I got the hot chocolate treat” Khy-zah


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