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Creative Kingdoms Art Workshops

Over the past half term students in year 8 have had the opportunity to take part in art workshops delivered by Creative Kingdoms. Matt and Pete Kingdom, who run Creative Kingdoms, have engaged with our students over zoom on a weekly basis, leading workshops on the theme of font and design, and encouraging our students to explore what it means to be a leader. Due to covid restrictions the workshops have been delivered over zoom, yet the workshops have encouraged our students’ interaction and collaboration. The students had the unique opportunity to speak with working artists about what their work entails non a daily basis.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed their weekly sessions, here are some of their final comments:

I liked it because it made me learn more and it made me want to help children with their drawing – Ryan

I enjoyed it because it was interesting and fun. I would love to do it again – Lana

I enjoyed it because I love drawing and it was an option to learn to draw better – Milosc

I enjoyed it because it was different and it was good phoning on call - Delroy


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