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Celebrating Black Female Pioneers

During the month of October we celebrate Black History Month to acknowledge the black men and women who have made a difference by helping to shape the world and its values, and who continue to inspire and fight for us to be better.

This year, our students wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the black women in history who have made our world what it is today, but have not always received the recognition they deserved. Students in Year 11 worked with Mrs Clarke to plan and deliver a powerful assembly that highlighted some of the black women who have not only paved the way for all women, but have shown bravery and integrity in their pursuits in breaking barriers, particularly for other women of colour:

  • Dr Shirley Jackson

  • Madam C.J. Walker

  • Patricia Bath

  • Marie Van Brittany Brown

Well done to Kyra, Tiyahn and Albertina for having the confidence to stand up and inspire other students!


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