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BBC100 Share Your Story tour visits St Matthias

Today at St Matthias we were delighted to welcome the BBC who came to present their ‘BBC100 Share Your Story’ tour to students in years 9 and 10.

We were joined by Emma Robinson who presented the show. She was accompanied by BBC Ambassadors Chanise Evans and Adam Oliver who work for the BBC, but came to share their true story with the students which included something that they had been through and overcome. Students then had an opportunity to ask questions and to find out more about Chanise and Adam, including their story and career. The students were left with the empowering message that your difference is your superpower! It will be the thing that inspires others.

Share Your Story was developed by the BBC to support the PSHE curriculum in goal setting and overcoming obstacles. It also benefited the English curriculum through the power of storytelling.

Student reflections:

‘They told interesting stories and allowed a lot of questions. They gave some interesting life advice.’ Milosz

‘I would like to here even more about the stories and how the presenters felt about the events in their lives.’ Matthew

‘It motivated me and gave me confidence. If you are going through something you should tell somebody and not keep it inside.’ Mehak

‘It was really interesting for them to share their stories. I would love to see them again.’ Delroy

‘The stories were really interesting. Shanice didn’t give up, she was resilient and that was inspiring.’ Lana

‘It was bright and professional. They had a rugby ball with a microphone, and we used it to ask questions.’Amaan

‘Adam’s story I could relate to. He suffered from anxiety and lots of young people suffer from this.’ Chloe


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