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BBC share your story careers tour

In December the BBC came back to school to end their share your story tour with a focus on careers in the creative industries. We had some very special guests who came to present their show. BBC favourite Lucas presented the show alongside a panel that included Lizzie Hartree BBC Assistant Producer, Marc Silk a very famous voice actor and Tayyib Mahmood a cinematographer and studio unit manager. The panel shared their journey into the creative industries and the role of the BFI (British Film Institute) in their success today. They encouraged our students to try something out of their comfort zone in order to discover what they were capable of.

Marc treated us to a selection of the voices he is responsible for including the voices of Scooby Do, Grand Master Glitch, the sorting hat in Harry Potter, Bob the Builder and the voice of Aks Moe in Star Wars. Tayyib talked about his experience on the set with Tom Cruise, No time to die James Bond, Batman and working on the new Peaky Blinders film. Lizzie talked about the link with English in school and how she got into script writing.

The students asked so many questions and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet the panel and learn from their experiences. The BBC100 Share Your Story Tour has been wonderful to be a part of! The panel had such a great time that Marc has even recorded a special message for our school below!


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