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School News

Back to school, back to learning!

Returning to school in September students took the time to reflect upon the impact of Covid-19 on the world, our city and their own family units. They have then gone on to set personal priorities for this term now that school is back open. Here are their reflections:

How has lockdown, social distancing and wearing masks impacted on your life?

  • ‘I couldn’t see my family’ Mea

  • ‘It stopped me from playing with my friends’ Delroy

  • ‘I hated it because all of the shops were shut’ Mason

What challenges do you face now they are back at school:

  • ‘Getting back into a routine’ Daniela

  • ‘Changes around the school building’ Samia

  • ‘Getting used to the rules that we need to follow because of Covid-19’ Andreea

What are your priorities for the rest of this term:

  • ‘Revising for our mock examinations and being safe and prepared’ Andreea

  • ‘Having the initiative to work harder outside of school’ Daniela

  • ‘To study the areas I don’t know and revise every day’ Arpan

We are incredibly proud of the resilience that our students have shown and how committed they remain to learning and achieving.

Well done to all!


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