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Alfie is selected as a Queen’s community Batonbearer for the Commonwealth Games

We are delighted to announce that Alfie Carter has been selected to be one of the Queen's community batonbearers in the relay build-up to the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Alfie Carter was nominated for the role because he is a student who has been on a journey in our school. His confidence has grown and he has matured so much.

Alfie has a fabulous attitude to his learning. As a Deaf student, English is a second language for Alfie and lessons can be a challenge for him, but he is determined to complete the work and by the end of a lesson is always working independently. This is a huge achievement.

He is proud of his Deaf Identity and his language. It is who he is. He uses his own personal journey of growth to show compassion for other students who are struggling.

Football is Alfie’s passion. He has recently been selected to train and play for Deaf England football team. He spent two days at half term training with them and will do so again at Easter. They have matches planned against France and Germany this year. Another huge achievement for him.

Alfie is very proud to represent both St Matthias and the Deaf Community as a batonbearer!

When Alfie arrived in school today in the uniform that batonbearers wear we were absolutely ecstatic. It is such an honour that one of our students has been selected as one of the Queen's batonbearers for Wolverhampton!


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