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Aiming high in science

In science skill lessons students have been looking at planning scientific investigations. Previously they have discussed an investigation into the effect of bottle size and fill level on the height reached by a bottle rocket. This week it was the class' turn to put their method to the test. Multiple rockets of various sizes and fill levels were launched with pupils estimating the heights that they reached. Despite taking precautions one rogue rocket decided to perform a landing on the school roof! Overall the students found out that larger rockets filled to about 25% with water fly the best.

Student comments:

‘Science has been very fun, we have been making bottle rockets. I learnt that when the pressure goes down the rocket goes up,’ Mohamed B

‘I have learnt the ratio of water that is needed to make the bottle launch,’ Kamaljot

‘I have learnt that you can predict things but you will never know the outcome until you try,’ Josh P


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