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Afrobeats Take Over Day!

On Friday, as part of black history month, St Matthias students took part in Afrobeats dance workshops throughout the day. Dance is a popular subject in our school and the sessions took place in our fantastic dance studio.

Afrobeats dance is a diverse and fascinating style originating predominantly form Sub-Saharan Africa. It is an evolution from traditional African dance styles following the creation of Afrobeats music. We have a number of students in our school with African heritage and this was a good opportunity for them to share that with other students. Our instructor, Diana, was fantastic. She was patient, fun and brought the Afrobeats vibes alive!

Student’s comments:

‘I enjoyed this as it showed the African culture.’ Ilarnah

‘I really enjoyed it because I love dancing to my cultural songs and appreciating it.’ Sochi

‘I enjoyed it as I was dancing with my friends.’ Jessica

‘I enjoyed it since I did it with some of my friends and was dancing to my cultural music.’ Courtney

‘I really liked this dance session because it showed the importance of other cultures.’ Rose

‘I really enjoyed it I think that the teacher was very bubbly I also liked the music.’ Marley

‘I really enjoyed it, the music was great I would recommend.’ Shaheen


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