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Senior Leadership Team


Mr D. Coombes - Executive Head Teacher
Mrs R. Dickins - Head Teacher

Miss S. Jeavons - Deputy Head

Mr Y. Gainda – Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs B. Gill – Assistant Head Teacher
Miss A. Lockley – Assistant Head Teacher

Ms M. Marenda – Head of School Organisation and Resources
Mr J. Paterson - Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs E. Phillips – Assistant Head Teacher

Chair of Governors

Zoe Stuart



Mrs J. Smith

SEND Co-Ordinator

Pending appointment

Year 7 Leader

Miss Harrap


Year 8 Leader

Mrs S Walls


Year 9 Leader

Miss C Weatherstone

Year 10 Leader

Mr R Mincher

Year 11 Leader

Miss E Handley

Teaching Staff

Miss F. Adams - Teacher of Dance

Mr M. Ahmed - Teacher of Science

Miss C. Aston – Teacher of English

Mrs A. Austin - Director of Learning – Inclusion

Mr M. Austin - Teacher of Social Sciences

Mrs S. Baker - Teacher of Science

Mrs B. Belkhu - Teacher of History

Miss A. Bhambra - Teacher of Maths

Mrs A. Bibby - Teacher Responsible for MFL

Mrs C. Bratt - Teacher of Social Sciences

Mr D. Bucknor – Teacher of English

Mrs A. Clarke - Instructor of Humanities

Mrs K. Collins - Teacher Responsible for Art

Mrs B. Copcutt - Teacher Responsible for Hospitality and Catering

Mrs B. Ellis - Instructor of Maths

Mrs T. Gallagher - Head of English

Miss B Gardner – Teacher of Geography

Mrs D. Gaunt - Teacher Responsible for Design

Miss N. Gilford – Teacher of Humanities

Mrs K. Groves - Teacher of Maths

Mr W. Hall – Teacher of Maths

Miss E. Handley - Year 10 Co-ordinator/Teacher of Humanities

Miss J. Haynes - Teacher of English

Mrs J. Helsby – Teacher of English

Mr R. Hickman - Teacher of the Deaf

Mr. D Hodgetts – Teacher of Maths

Mr C. Hutchinson – Teacher of History

Mrs M. Iqbal - Teacher of RE

Ms L. Jenkins – Teacher of Science

Miss M. Jenks – Teacher of PE

Miss H. Jevons - Teacher of English 

Miss M. Johal – Teacher of Science 

Mr H. John – Teacher of History 

Mrs R. Jones - Teacher of English 

Miss S. Lambeth - Year 11 Co-ordinator/Teacher of PE

Mrs A. Marsters - Teacher of Maths

Mr R. McNeil-Ball – Teacher of Maths 

Mr R. McNeil-Ball – Teacher of Science 

Mr R. Mincher - Year 9 Co-ordinator/Teacher of English and Media 

Miss N. Palmer - Instructor of English 

Mr R. Patel – Teacher of Maths 

Mrs A. Paterson - Instructor of English Literature 

Miss C. Poole - Teacher of English 

Mr R. Quiney – Teacher of PE

Miss I. Roberts - Teacher of Science 

Mrs J. Roden - Instructor of English  

Miss S. Sangha – Teacher of Geography 

Mrs Y. Savory-Andrews - Instructor of Social Sciences

Mr A. Sidhu – Teacher of Maths 

Ms U. Siedlecka – Teacher of Geography 

Miss J. Simms – Teacher of English and MFL 

Mr E. Small - Teacher of PE

Mr S Stuart – Teacher Responsible for Science 

Mr D. Thomas - Teacher of Science 

Miss N. Titley 

Mr J. Turner - Teacher Responsible for PE 

Mrs S. Walls - Year 7 Co-ordinator/Teacher Responsible for Music 

Miss C. Weatherstone – Year 8 Co-ordinator/Teacher of English

Miss E. Webb – Teacher of History

Miss C. Wylde – Teacher of English 

Ms N. Yaqoob – Teacher of Science

Support Staff

Educational Psychologist

Ms L. Freeman

Child Protection

Miss J. Hemans – Student Welfare/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs D Hill - Deputy DSL

Mrs S Collis – Deputy DSL

Administration Team

Mrs L. Forrest – Finance and Personnel Officer

Miss A. Davis – Receptionist/Administration Assistant
Mrs V. Davies – Senior Administration Officer
Mrs L. Keady – Administration Assistant

Pastoral Team

Miss A. Hossack – Pastoral Lead

Mrs J. Smith – Attendance Pastoral Lead 

Information, Advice and Guidance

Mrs R. Neath

Support for Learning Support Staff

Mrs R. Andrews-Caron (SSA)

Miss V. Beswick
Ms S. Boucher
Mrs R. Cooper
Miss S. Fellows
Mrs K. Fortune (SSA)
Miss M. Haynes

Mr S. Haynes
Miss N. Holloway (SSA)

Mrs S. Jones
Mr P. Kitterick

Mrs A. McDermott (SSA)

Ms A. Samuels
Mrs K. Shave (SSA)
Miss R. Shutt

Mrs S. Watters

Academic Mentor

Miss A. Skilling

Science Technician

Mrs S. Baker

Language Assistants

Miss A. Cooper - Language Assistant 

Cover Supervisor

Mr J. Nock

Examination Officer

Miss V. Beswick

iPad Support/Instructor of Technologies

Mr L. Woodall

Minibus Driver/Site Assistant

Mr C. Wood

Should you need to contact a member of staff please click here for the school contact details.

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