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We are rewarding our students who have been working hard and engaging with their learning.  Each week we will be awarding learners of the week in subject areas for students from each year group.  Your teachers will be nominating the students who are working hard and engaging with their learning.  Names will appear on our website.  We will also display the names of students on our screens around school.

Learner of the week




Year 7

Finley Povey: excellent healthy menu in PSHE

Kayleigh Blakemore: excellent healthy menu in PSHE


Year 8

Crystal Burden-Chambers: excellent work on Charity in RE

Jessica Singh: excellent work on charity in RE


Year 9

Megan Hughes: good attitude to learning in PSHE

Joshuah Kelly: good attitude to learning in PSHE


Year 10

Karmen Holmes: super effort in PSHE

Thomas Johnson: good discussion skills in PSHE


Year 11

Maddison Ball: being helpful and hardworking in PSHE

Assma Garrafa: good questioning skills in PSHE

Massoud Alassani: leading the learning in RE and being an excellent role model

Masawudu Mohammed: leading the learning in RE and being an excellent role model




Giovanni Tchameny Year 8 - excellent contributions in theory lesson
Ari Basha -  Year 8 -excellent contributions in theory lessons 
Gabriele Mesko Year 11 - excellent practical skills
Caitlin Turnbull Year 11 - excellent practical skills
Cory Williams Year 11 - improved practical skills





Year 7 

Jaiden Batchelor. 

Special mention to- Ramzi Benbelgacem - enthusiasm in history. 
Special mention to- Amalek Singh - answering questions in History 

Year 8 

Taranvir Kaur - settling in really well and showing enthusiasm for the subject 
Special mention to- Elexus Brown - working well in history 
Special mention to- Harpriya Kaur - excellent effort 


Year 9 

Aaliyah Khan - excellent effort in history
Special mention to - Ciaran McLachlan - quality of work produced 
Special mention to - Jayden Sidhu - quality of work produced 

Year 10 
Katie Poole and Skye Samuels - both for their excellent effort in history

Year 11

Ellie Pitt - excellent effort in history 
Special mention to-  Ravinder Kaur - effort in history
Special mention to- Melody Alves - effort in history



Year 7

Jayla-Shae Salter & Denaya Blake -excellent attitude and work in Spanish

Special mention to- Rosen Baychev--brilliant attitude in lessons, always ready to learn and to help others


Year 8

Jasraj Aujla- outstanding work in lessons, always ready to learn and participate actively


Year 9

Hannah Collett and Holly Collett - both working really hard in Spanish lessons - excellent effort and work.

Special mention to-  Manveer Kumar - excellent speaking skills

Special mention to- Keeley-Leigh Jeavons - contribution to class


Year 10

Rodrigo Fonseca - excellent speaking/reading skills

Kyle Barratt - excellent work in class

Special mention to- Harleen Aujla - excellent contribution to lessons

Special mention to- Viviana Mawuli - excellent contribution to lessons

Year 11

Lorrah Muchena - excellent work ethic

Pooja Kulwinder - excellent contribution to lessons

Special mention to-  Bekim Fejzullai – good class work

Special mention to-  Melissa Lopes - good class work




Year 7

Marley Grizzle- learnt how to use 6-figure grid references

Charlie Whitehouse- put much effort to develop his map skills


Year 8

Harpriya Kaur - tasks completed to a high standard

Gurnur Kaur- very independent and takes responsibility for her own learning


Year 9

Maisie Coyne- did additional research at home and prepared colourful leaflet about urbanisation 

Porsha-Ann Marlow - pays attention to the lessons and put effort to meet the success criterium set for the lesson


Year 10

Karam Al-Saleh

Jake Johnson


Year 11

Leo Slater

Cameron-James Dillon


Emily Pugh - Always works well and is asking question to stretch her learning
Special mention to- Komalpreet Kaur - works well and very good research 
Special mention to- Kyra Downs - always completes work fast and at a good standard 



Year 7
Amrita Deo for excellent effort during recall tasks in preparation for a music test next week
Kian Owen for excellent effort during recall tasks in preparation for a music test next week

Year 8
Al Muhamadi Kamel for amazing improvement in behaviour, focus and attitude to learning
Callum Wright for ongoing wonderful attitude to learning

Year 10 
Bradley Robinson for in depth completion of GCSE music tasks.
Thomas Johnson for wonderful attitude to learning in GCSE music.





Year 7

Nathan Howell – Resilience and trying his best

Kanush Karan


Year 8 

Charlie Taylor good verbal questioning

Amez Tiexeira – excellent focus


Year 9

Katie Davies – full responses in written work

Jeevanjyot Rayit -persistent effort


Year 10

Gerry Connors – persistent effort, fabulous responses

Prabhjot Singh – engagement, critical thinking, good verbal responses


Year 11

Andy Lago – improved attitude and fabulous effort

Tyler Thomson – improved attitude and fabulous effort





Year 7

Bethanie-Louise Woodhall

Teraina Brooker


Year 8

Lexie Povey

Libby Cullis


Year 9

Adam Shuker

Jake Austwick


Year 10

Jonas Bubliauskas

Lautaro Pantano


Year 11

Vaclav Grohman

Max Thompson



Year 7

Marley Grizzle – very hard working, all the work completed to a high standard, volunteered to deliver a maths lesson which was a great effort

Year 8

Mya Dehar - has missed lessons but has really focused this week and did well on their unit test 


Year 9

Jack Smith - for having an excellent attitude and work ethic in his maths lessons 


Year 10

Jade Hill - Working very hard in Mathematics and for taking onboard advice given when she was unsure


Year 11

Charleigh Millard fantastic attitude towards her learning




Year 9

Joshua Sutton - positive attitude in class and towards annotations

Tyran Stephenson - Very enthusiastic and mature when discussing things as a class

Special mention to - Emily Gordon 


Year 10

Javarni Morgan - great whole class ideas and annotations to match

Kiera McDonald - fantastic understanding of new GCSE products

Special mention to - Cobie Ellis


Year 11

Andy Lago – a positive attitude towards media this past week

Caden Webb - good attempts at writing an exam response and positive discussions in class

Special mention to - Caroline Clacken




Year 7

Jayla-Shae Salter

Salamatu Abdul Mumin


Year 8

Diljeet Kaur

Sonali Paul Jassal

Kie Pearson


Year 9

Rokeebat Rao

Asma Esmaeil


Year 10

Shannay Brown

Sheila Carvalheira


Year 11

Paresh Afram

Danielle Garner





Jemeres Kanku – Year 9

Tori-Marie Jones – Year 9


Special mentions to-

Kyra Perrin – Year 9

Mekenzie Manderson – Year 9

John Bexton – Year 9

Elisha Davies – Year 11

Owen Bodo – Year 7

Atul Singh – Year 10

Cerise watt – Year 10

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