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During school closure, we want to  reward our students who have been working hard engaging with their learning. Each week we will be awarding a learner of the week for two students from each subject. Your teachers will be nominating the students who are working hard and engaging with their learning. This means rewarding the students who are emailing work to their teachers and students who are working hard to complete the online and paper learning tasks that their teachers have set.  Names will appear on our website and on our Twitter account every Monday. So have a look there to see if you are a learner of the Week. 

Learner of the Week - week beginning 6th July



Lewis Banahene - for excellent engagement in Spanish lessons in school.

Lorrah Muchena- for excellent engagement in Spanish lessons in school.


Special mentions to:

Kyle Davies

Kayden Lowbridge

Aaliyah Gomes

Rui Sousa 

Andy Lago

Pooja Kulwinder

Rhea Sidhu

Pamela Ijiede

Bethan Austin


All for excellent effort in Spanish lessons for the last 2 weeks.



Kai Sekhon - working well


Tyler Simmons - for fantastic effort: consistently sending good quality work in each week.

Jazzelle Comrie-Morby - hard work and determination in English lessons.  Great independent work on her speech writing.


Special mentions to:

Paresh Afram- for playing a huge role in class discussion, and offering such wonderful ideas when creating class writing models.

Liene Turke- consistent effort with some excellent work completed this week.

Jake Perrins- for his continued efforts in English and Read Theory, since the start of school closure.

Filip Krajosz- super and extremely prompt work completed on Google Classroom.

Liam Bona- super and extremely prompt work completed on Google Classroom.

Connor Sach- consistent work to a good standard.

Grace Hartill- really engaged with the topic and work it to a consistently high standard.

Alex Singh- consistently puts in effort on work completed – always to a good standard.

Jasbir Bhogal- for keeping up the same fantastic attitude as in the classroom.

Katie Poole- great effort and fabulous work throughout school closure.

Keira Jassi- lovely pieces of work completed with good focus and consistent effort.

Jake Perrins- consistent work to a good standard.



Bailee Bell- for completing all of her maths tasks and showing a great understanding of her learning 

Savan Ibrahim - attending school and doing work set online


Special mentions to:

Jake Johnson- working on extra maths 

Elijah Paper – completing all Hegarty maths tasks to an excellent standard!

Adam Rouse – completing work set on MathsWatch and GCSEPod.

Priscilla Bonsu - excellent attitude in lesson this week. Asking questions to further her knowledge.

Keeley Jeavons - Working brilliantly since changing the way she works. 

Ravinder Kaur - excellent efforts with GCSEPod tasks.


Health and Social Care

Zainab Muqadas - for her brilliant work and effort over the last week.

Chloe Pain - for her brilliant work and effort over the last week.


Special mentions to:

Bethan Austin - for her on going work since the beginning of lockdown. Well done keep up the brilliant work ethic.

Pooja Kulwinder - for her on going work since the beginning of lockdown. Well done keep up the brilliant work ethic.


Rokeebat Rao- great graphics work this week.

Liene Turke- producing regular good standard of graphics work.


Special mentions to:

Alex Singh

Sara Radu

Joud Kamel


Albert Zyberi - excellent range of subject knowledge shown during classroom lesson.

Adam Rouse - high quality answers for GCSEPod Climate assignment.


Special mentions to:

Connor Sach - whole booklet of completed work sent via JSM.

Jack Thomas - consistently sending in weekly tasks.

Alyssa Bullman - consistently producing outstanding work.

Amarachi Anosike - high quality answers for GCSE Pod Climate assignment.



Tyler McLaren-Kaye - has been submitting every piece of work from the past couple of weeks.

Abhinoor Maan - completing GCSE history tasks, showing a good understanding of context.


Special mention to:

Chelsea Bruce- she has completed every task and emailed me her task responses on time every week.



Linda Grinhofa- completing some fantastic work for CNAT PE!

Liene Turke- excellent work produced. Great work ethic.



Gabriele Mesko - lots completed this week and to a good standard.



Leticia Cox – impressive level of accuracy for 1950s pattern work. Brilliant!

Jessica-May James – continuous effort and interesting utensils selected for 1950s pattern work.


Michael Perez Garcia – excellent effort in science.

Luke Kelly– excellent effort in science.



Elisha Davies- excellent practical skills and superb attitude to learning since the year 10’s have been back in school.

Michelle Timmins - great effort with her food work/ on line learning.



Zoe McKeown- excellent attitude to learning.

Jayden Baynham - excellent attitude to learning.



Emilija Ukstina - most improved podder (having watched 42 pods in a week!) showing she is motivated and has the ability to work independently.

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Our school works to improve the lives of individuals and families in our community.

To do this we will help each young person develop knowledge and understanding, a positive attitude to themselves and others and the skills to help them enjoy a successful life.

Our approach should always be respectful and kind as we challenge ourselves to be better teachers, parents, students and members of our community.

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