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During school closure, we want to  reward our students who have been working hard engaging with their learning. Each week we will be awarding a learner of the week for two students from each subject. Your teachers will be nominating the students who are working hard and engaging with their learning. This means rewarding the students who are emailing work to their teachers and students who are working hard to complete the online and paper learning tasks that their teachers have set.  Names will appear on our website and on our Twitter account every Monday. So have a look there to see if you are a learner of the Week. 



Rene McKen – Rene has been cooking at home and has been making a variety of dishes.


Malissa Copeland –  she has been doing lots of cooking at home and has asked for the recipes we used at school so she improve on the cooking practicals from earlier in the year.





Joshua Amariei  - great attitude to learning and working well.

Emmamuel Adebiyi -  great attitude to learning and working well.





Aqsa Ihsan -  she is attempting the graphics work, she has taken into consideration the feedback given and has acted on it to produce quality work.


Keyleigh-Jean Johnson-Rush- Keyleigh has begun developing her own ideas based on the typography project, using inspiration from other sources to add to her GCSE graphics portfolio. We look forward to seeing how her ideas will flourish!


Special mentions to:

Maddison Ball Year10

Harriet Brittain Year 7

Rania El-Mokdad Year 8





Lily Austin for submitting an abundance of outstanding work in RE -showing an excellent  understanding of the topic.


Grace Price for completing all of the online tasks for both RE and PSHE, articulating her ideas well and presenting the work beautifully.


Special mentions to:

Nicole Comer

Jessica Singh

Maria Heatrow

Leah Jones

Daniel Sund





Michael Robinson- excellent attitude to music and learning.

Lilly Austin- excellent attitude to music and learning.


Special mentions to:

Tyler McLaren

Harriet Brittany 

Chelsea Bruce




Elijah Piper - he is learning and engaging with the tasks regularly and his application to tasks is fantastic.

Grace Price - the quality of her work has been outstanding. She is demonstrating a very high standard of application to the tasks.

Faith Pugh - Faith is the only one who has emailed history work in 10.3. Outstanding effort in history. 





Bethan Austin- for continuing to complete her business coursework and sending some detailed business ideas.


Lyla Harris- for sending some great enterprise ideas.





Massoud Alassani - completing all Hegarty maths and GCSE POD tasks to an excellent standard.


Nojus Kolaitis - consistently engaging in online learning and giving feedback on his learning. He has made a fantastic effort to progress his mathematical learning and is completing all work to a high standard!


Special mentions:

Peter Gonderton - excellent work on Hegarty and the memory quizzes.

Bradley Robinson - Completed all the tasks set on matshwatch and gcse pod, asks for help whenever he struggles, asks for extra work.

Jemeres Kanku - engaged, keeping up to date and doing really well with his hegarty maths tasks.

Tea Rainbow - working hard since the start of lockdown, currently completing GCSE POD tasks weekly. 

Manraj Singh - excellent efforts with Hegarty Maths.





Jade Hill - working hard with work set in foldr for Animal Farm with a great deal of work from last week as well as this week.


Corey Cooper- has sent several pieces of work over every week since week one of lock down. Brilliant attitude and engagement and is actively researching An Inspector Calls. 



Special mentions:

Francis Atiase - engaging with ReadTheory and engaging with work.

Liene Turke - completing work set on Foldr and joining in with Google Classroom.

Tyler McLaren - Kaye  - sending work in Google Classroom and working on ReadTheory.

Summer Hickman - producing excellent quality creative writing work. Very impressed, clearly taken time and used all the resources provided to her advantage.

Michael Robinson - great engagement with ReadTheory and completing work on Foldr

Chelsea Bruce - has sent work 2-3 times a work since the first week of lockdown. Also, her effort with ReadTheory is phenomenal.

Jacob Walters -sending work (to a very good standard!) Great engagement with Read Theory.

Gabriele Mesko-  consistently sending back work and completing tasks on GCSEPod

Honey Ibeneche - outstanding responses on GCSE pod each week.





Elyse Clayton - for her enthusiasm and completion of work.


Lilly Austin-  for some amazing research into the trans-siberian railway. 


Special Mentions:

Bradley Robinson

Michael Robinson 

Liam Bona

Elijah Piper





Will Gosnell - learning lots of Spanish at home, including teaching his parents!


Luke Groves- consistently high scores on Languagenut.


Special mentions to:


Ellie Thomas - consistently working hard on all platforms.

Ellie Pitt - consistently working hard on all platforms.

Liene Turke- consistently completing lots of Spanish work at home.





Andreea-Patricia Mardare - great attitude to learning.


Nicole Comer- great engagement and sending photos in.


Special mentions:
Kavita Deo 
Michael Robinson 





Keyleigh Jean- Johnson Rush- fully participating in home learning and working very well.


Leticia Cox- fully participating in home learning and working very well.





Caitlin Sharp -  fantastic attitude to online learning and willing to watch films she had never seen before to help with the tasks.


Daniel Sund -  brilliant work sent in via email. Creative and well presented.



Health and Social Care


Bethan Austin - well done Bethan on the tremendous amount of work you have produced. Consistently high quality of work each week.

Rhea Sidhu - well done Rhea on the tremendous amount of work that you have produced this week. You have shown a great understanding and effort.

Special mentions:
Keira Hennessy - well done for completing your home learning tasks to a high standard.
Daniela Teles - fantastic work received this week you have shown a great understanding. 
Samia Syed - fantastic barriers to accessing social care services presentation. Well done keep up the great effort.




AJ Black - engagement with tasks and using feedback to improve his work.


Liene Turke - engagement and attitude to learning.


Special mention:

Bradley Robinson 

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