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We are rewarding our students who have been working hard and engaging with their learning.  Each week we will be awarding learners of the week in subject areas for students from each year group.  Your teachers will be nominating the students who are working hard and engaging with their learning.  Names will appear on our website.  We will also display the names of students on our screens around school.


Year 11: Tyler Thomson and Sophie Woodhall for independent and focused learning.


Year 10: Lautaro Pantano for good effort and Jade Hill for careful detailed work.


Year 9: Heaven Carpenter Nevin for intelligent answers and Michael Robinson for detailed careful work.


Year 8: Harriet Brittain and Lexi Povey for neat, careful work.


Year 7:  Maryam Rahemi for high standard of work and Ramzi Benbelgacem for good effort.



Year 7:  Dalton Nicholls and Maryam Rahemi - working hard in Spanish and willing to help peers.

Special mention to- Olivia Marie Taylor.


Year 8:  Shayan Syed and Diljeet Kaur for outstanding effort in lessons.

Special mention to - Sonali Paul Jassal.


Year 9: Jamal Mafu and Michael Chinoso Echeme for fantastic contribution to lessons

Special mention- a special mention for all the Y9 students who are doing Spanish because so far they have been an absolute pleasure to teach.


Year 10:   Oliver Kuczowicz and Kaci McDonald who are producing excellent work and contributing well to lessons.

Special mentions to - Iulia Horvat and Atul Singh.


Year 11:  Abhinoor Mann and Kavita Deo for excellent work in lessons.

Special mentions to Avtejbir Kaur Singh, Aqsa Ihsan, Melissa Lopes and Linda Kingji.



Year 7: Tia Slater - excellent effort in history.

Jacob Hayden - excellent effort in history.

Special mention to- Julia Radu for effort in history.


Year 8: Harvey Tolley – a fantastic recall of knowledge.

Suraj Kalsi - excellent recall of knowledge.

Special mention to Georgia Woodhouse - a good contribution in history. 


Year 9: Jack Smith for effort in history.

Joshua Kelly - excellent contribution in history.

Special mention to - Emma Fergusson - excellent contributions.  


Year 10: Dylan Street - excellent recall and knowledge.

Hayden Jordan - excellent effort.

Special mention to -Jessica May James - excellent effort. 


Year 11: Kayden Lowbridge - excellent exam responses.

Caden Webb - amazing effort.

Special mentions to- Jacqueline Dance – for her effort in history.

Gabriele Mesko - effort in history. 



Year 11: Ravinder Kaur


Year 10: AJ Black

 Year 10: Harleen Aujla


Year 9:  Mikaela Royston

Year 9: Adam Titmus


Year 8: Sebastian Marshall


Year 8: Ali Manan




Year 11: Melody Alves and Keyleigh Johnson Rush

Special mentions to- Emily Brittain, Aqsa Ihsan, Caroline Clacken and Shakira O’Brien


Year 10: Owen Davies and Reece Wright 

 Special mentions to- Kyle McAllister, Kahmar McFarlane, Lucy Harris, Joe Martin


Year 8 set 1:  Lilly Austin & Mehtab Singh

Special mentions to- Georgia Woodhouse, Prabhdeep Deol and Tanya Tapper

Year 8 set 2: Showna Padmore & Keira Listhrop

Special mentions to- Jashandeep Singh, Harvey Tolley, Kie Pearson, Sharo Tofiq

Year 8 set 3: Christie Cole, Jessica Singh

 Special mentions to- Halwest Saleh, Sonali Paul Jassal

Year 8 set 5: Alyssa Bullman, Rene McKen

Special mentions to- Gurnur Kaur and Harpriya Kaur


Year 7: Owen Bodo – contribution in lessons

Summer Platt – same as above



Year 7: Jayla-Shae Salter - for trying her hardest and persevering in her maths lessons.

Nathan Howell – for trying very hard with his assessments.


Year 8: Zeena Larry Masawood - excellent effort and helping others. 

Natonia Drummond – worked very hard during the last week and caught up with everyone else having missed a couple lessons.


Year 9: Bailee Bell - for always engaging and striving for better in maths 

Mekenzie Manderson – very focused, proactive. 


Year 10: Parweshveer Singh – working well in class, has emailed asking for help.

Carlos Summers - brilliant start to the term.  


Year 11: Tyla Morton – a good start to the year.

Kaylem Stacey – shows he understands the tasks and stays on track. 



Year 7: Marley Grizzle- for excellent engagement in music, wonderful answers and joining in with class discussions.

Codie Lessels- for an incredibly positive lesson and giving several wonderful answers.


Year 8: Liam Brittain -for excellent attitude to learning and sharing wonderful answers to class discussions.

Jeschevi Kanku- for a fantastic improvement to his attitude to learning in music and remaining focused and engaged.


Year 10: Demi-Leigh Rock for excellent GCSE analysis work.

Keira Hennessy for a great piece of descriptive writing in response to a GCSE style question.



Year 7: T’Kai Hamilton- for having a superb attitude to learning.

Delroy Bent- for having a superb attitude to learning.


Year 8: Ayyoub El-Fiky- for explaining about his faith to the class with super pride and confidence.

Ari Basha -for explaining about his faith to the class with super pride and confidence.


Year 9: Asma Esmaeil- for having a superb attitude to learning.

Owen Tonks- for having a superb attitude to learning.


Year 10: Jessica May James -for having a superb attitude to learning.

Megan Leider- for having a superb attitude to learning.


Year 11: Ellesia Gardner- for thinking clearly and asking great questions during a careers’ presentation.

Shanice Watt- for thinking clearly and asking great questions during a careers’ presentation.



Yr7: Olivia- Marie Taylor

Subu Rijal


Yr8: Chelsey Taylor

Sonali Paul Jassal


Yr9: Sara Capra

Elvis Adjei


Yr10: Leah Jones

Leticia Cox


Yr11: Kavita Deo

Daniela Teles Rendon



Year 10: Talia Walker Graham – outstanding work in CNAT theory lessons.

Mya Gordan – outstanding work in CNAT theory lessons.


Year 11: Teigan Wilding – positive attitude and work ethic in practical PE lessons.

Kylie Taundry – positive attitude and work ethic in practical PE lessons.



Year 11: Pooja Kulwinder and Avtijibir Kaur Singh. Their effort to complete their coursework has been outstanding.

Special mentions to:

Charleigh Millard

Leah Jones

Lyla Harris

Iulia Horvat

Kyle Griffin

Hamza Moghal Naseem

Kiranjot Kaur



Year 11: Liam Owen for confident contributions and great attitude.

 Lee Haynes- for fabulous verbal communication.


Year 10: Atul Singh for emails of good Independent Study and an excellent attitude.


Year 9:  Blake Hyatt and Faye Harris for great contributions to lessons. 


Year 8: Callum Campbell for great focus and determination in lesson.

Millie Potts - for an excellent positive attitude.


Year 7: Lily May Bexton for great effort each lesson.



Year 11: Elisha Skelding - a positive response to the topics studied this week. Great paragraph analysing the product chosen for that week.

Caroline Clacken -fantastic analysis of the GCSE product studied this week, made even better when she reflected on her answer through her DIRT task.

Special mentions to- Elliot Collins, Cole Clayton and Max Thompson.


Year 10:  Zac Webb - really enthusiastic start to the term with some great verbal answers in class.

Joe Martin - great understanding of the new GCSE products and hard work throughout the past week.

Special mentions to - Caitlin Sharp, Kiera McDonald, Kaci McDonald.

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