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British Science Week at St. Matthias

This year in science, as we recover from the impact of the pandemic, we are working hard to include lots of competitions and activities to engage, inspire and promote a love for science. This week the science department has been busy with their KS3 classes learning about the British Science Week topic - Growth.

Pupils were asked to produce posters on growth and what they understood about it. Some pupils covered growth in terms of animals, such as frogs and dogs, and others focused on caterpillars and how they metamorphose into lady birds. All of this was achieved with the help and support of their classroom teachers and Sir David Attenborough!

Pupils' engagement in the topic has been fantastic and 5 of the best posters will now be submitted to the national science week competition. Pupils will also win school prizes, such as Easter eggs, commendations, and learner of the week nominations for their achievements.

With so many amazing poster submissions it was hard to choose the best ones and show them all. However, here are some for you to see:


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